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Hi, I’m Justin. I am an accredited Addiction Counsellor and Life Coach, with many years of experience dealing with Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling. I totally understand the number of times you have said to yourself, ‘This will never happen to me again’, but it does. Feel free to give me a call if you are looking for advise or you want to make changes in your life. I hold 1:1 Counselling sessions in Athlone and Galway.

Have you heard about Sideline Services?

Begninning your journey with Sideline Services is completely in your hands. Work towards achieving your goals both on and off the field alongside a trusted and experienced support system. The road to recovery begins with reaching out and from there you will find things can fall in to place. Our knowledge of sport and therapy is the perfect combination to help you through any difficult periods in your life. See your performance as an athlete and your personal life work together with Sideline Services.

Sports Counselling

• Having been involved with my club Kiltormer, and played hurling for Galway for many years, I am well aware of the pressures that players are under, playing sport at a high level. It can be very difficult to admit that you are under stress, or find the right person to turn too. I don’t believe it is shameful to have problems, but I do believe its a shame not to share them and resolve them.
• Sometimes the secrecy can prolong the issue for many years, and people continue to suffer, In order to avoid the issue players can turn to Alcohol, drugs or Gambling to help them deal or escape from reality. I hope people will make the brave choice to make contact with me.
• I gained invaluable experience dealing with issues experienced by sports people. This experience, coupled with my other counselling skills, gives me the opportunity to offer tailored counselling services to individuals having issues with their sporting careers.
• I work on the National Health & Wellbeing Committee set up recently by Croke Park. I am currently the Manager of the Roscommon Hurling team.

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